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Online learning by PC or Mac works for you: you can learn at a time and place that suits your lifestyle commitments. Often our materials can also be accessed by tablet or phone, although this depends on your operating system and browser.  Each of us learn differently, so we offer a variety of resources. Your time is valuable, so we work with only the best tutors to create those resources. Learning online with us offers you a productive learning experience, wherever you are.

What our students say:

Student feedback depends on your tutor.  For our ACT courses, FME collect feedback from our students via Survey Monkey, and publish the survey for each course or product on the product page.  Below are a few of these comments, but you can find the full, unedited responses under the relevant course:

“I just wanted to drop you a note and say many thanks for the great product and service you provided with the Cert ITM online study package. As someone who took the exam in the US, your course was invaluable to me in cutting through so much of the ACT supplied readings, and explaining the core concepts, calculations, etc. the 5 day study course and 2 day revision course videos were especially useful to me.”

“Well presented, easy to follow and understand. Worked examples very useful. Summarised complex areas well and overcome some of the jargon. Course notes and question bank and solutions very good.”

“Excellent tutor, enthusiastic and provided relevant examples.” “Walks you through the complete syllabus and helps you to identify your own personal areas of weakness”

“Tutor explained the maths in a real life context and simplified the equations to allow us to understand how to logically work out.” “Tutor was very clear and concise. Tutor gives you confidence in passing the exam.”

“Excellent exam preparation and great tips on how to maximise marks during the exam.”

“It focused on the key principles and concepts underlying the majority of the syllabus and on developing a strong understanding of them.”

“As a former student of Mark’s at FME, I know that he has all the qualities of a fine mentor and instructor. He particularly distinguishes himself as a pragmatic problem solver with a rather unique ability to assist his students distill the essence of the problem and formulate the pertinent questions. I passed my exam on the first try which I attribute to my own hard work and Mark’s mentorship throughout the ACT program.”

“I wanted to thank you for your help with studying for the CFF. I have passed, at the second try. I wouldn’t have been able to do so without your help.”

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